The Basics of Liver Cirrhosis

Sometimes the liver is damaged and cannot be treated and bought back to it original normal healthy condition. This condition affecting the liver is known as cirrhosis of liver. There are many reasons behind liver cirrhosis condition; some of the main ones are extreme alcohol intake, hepatitis B and C infections, and fatty liver, exposure to insecticides.

Some main physical indications of liver cirrhosis are jaundice and yellow discoloration of the skin. However, patients do display some other symptoms such as itching, which is medically termed as pruitus and fatigue.

Liver cirrhosis is a progressive disease. This condition does not develop immediately but develops over a period of time. Liver cirrhosis develops when our liver is continuously subjected to damage and the healthy tissues are scarred permanently. This may lead to blockage of blood flow to liver. In worst conditions, it may lead to the failure of liver as the healthy tissues in liver are replaced by scared tissues, which does not allow the liver to function.

There are many important functions of liver in our body. it stores lots of minerals and vitamins, makes bile to help digest food, detoxifies poisonous toxins, manufactures new proteins, purifies our blood, stores energy and makes clotting factors to stop blood flow. All these functions of liver makes it a very essential organ for the body.

Liver might be able to function properly if the damage is not severe. In case of severe damage, the healthy tissue are scared beyond repair and this will hamper the normal functioning of liver.

There are many symptoms of liver cirrhosis. The most common ones are loss of appetite, loss of body weight, nausea, pain in abdominal area in the location of liver, weakness in body and itchy skin. Severe conditions include yellow discoloration of skin, cramps, mental imbalance and confusion and difficulty in absorption of alcohol and drugs

The best way to prevent liver cirrhosis is to not to overload the liver with alcohol and drugs. It is recommended that you bring about a drastic change in your lifestyle and take on physical activities to avoid alcohol dependence.