The Basic Male Feminization Methods

When it comes to male feminization, there are two aspects that should be considered such as achieving the female attributes and getting rid of the natural male attributes. Some of the female attributes that we are looking to achieve is breast growth, full hips, a softer texture.

The male attributes such as muscular upper body development, pattern hair loss, body hair, and body hair are some of the traits that we are looking to get rid of.

There are 4 methods of male feminization which is Surgical, Hypnotic, Herbal, and Hormonal. These methods can be used in combination in order achieve feminine results.

Surgical feminization is the permanent alternative usually sought by those that have a sex change in mind. Surgery cost money and the change is permanent. Surgery mostly deals with the cosmetics of the body. Some of the procedures that could be done include and are not limited to: Hair Correction, Forehead Re contouring, Brow Lift, Rhinoplasty, Cheek Implants, Lip Lift, Lip Filling, Chin Re contouring, Jaw Re contouring, Adam’s apple reduction.

A process called feminization hypnosis helps you discover your inner femininity. This process is used to help someone realize how feminine they really are. With hypnosis you can essentially be made to feel as every bit of a woman that you want to be.

Herbal feminization is a more natural approach. There are plants that produce a estrogen like compound that essentially mimics estrogen. When you use it in your body it instructs your body to produce softer skin, grow breasts, less amount of body hair, and develop a feminine odor etc.

Hormonal Feminization – Changing the hormonal levels in the body to achieve feminine like features. The use of hormone pills or as commonly referred to as feminization pills encourages the production of the female hormone estrogen. It also slows down production of the male hormone testosterone. The estrogen essentially instructs your body to grow breasts, less amount of body hair, and develop a feminine odor.