The Bad Side of Inversion Therapy

People probably always think of back inversion table when they have back pain because this equipment is capable of relieving back and neck pain. It does give benefits, but as all things have advantages and disadvantages, a back inversion table is not good for some people.

Inversion tables are widely used in inversion therapies. This kind of therapy was first used over 2000 years ago and still popular until now. Inversion tables take a part in its popularity because nowadays, this equipment helps anyone to treat themselves at their own home.

The therapy gives several benefits, such as improving blood circulation, relieving spinal pressure, and increasing flexibility. To get all the advantages, what someone should do is attaching his or her body to the table and hung upside down. This therapy is considered good to improve health, but for people with certain illnesses, it can cause negative side effects.

Inversion therapy can increase eye and blood pressure, so that is why it is not recommended for some people with several conditions, such as pregnancy, heart disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, hernia, spinal injury, osteoporosis, ear infection, obesity, and stroke.

People with obesity often exceed the weight capacity of the tables, while actually each table has its own recommended maximum weight. During the session, those with middle ear infections can experience discomfort and disorientation. It can also cause pressure on the optic nerves because the flow of fluids that circulate in the eyes is blocked. Of course, it is not good for someone with glaucoma. Another bad effect is it may separate retina from the optic nerve, which is called retinal detachment.

After knowing those effects, it does not mean that healthy people can use the inversion table freely without considering some factors. If you are a beginner, it is good to start with a very slight angle. In this case, you can put your feet 12 inches or less above the head.

It will be good if you have somebody to assist you during the therapy. For the very first time, you may feel dizziness, and that is why you need an assistant that will watch over you. The most important thing above all is you should have a talk with a doctor before you begin the therapy or even before you decide to go stores to purchase the equipment. The doctor will tell you whether you are allowed to use it or not in order to prevent bad things happen to you. Health is considered the most precious thing in life. Staying healthy is not a difficult task if you know what to do and what is best for your body.