The Ancient Truths Of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

It is thought that the ancestors of cannabis originated in Asia, most probably on the sloped of the Himalayas or the Altai Mountains to the north. There are no exact details about when Cannabis and humanity first met. Given the growth habit of the plant and the ever continuing curiosity of human nature, growing marijuana outdoors by human beings was inevitable. In the plant world, Cannabis is a true colonizer. It burgeons a new growth territory when running water or seed-eating animals carry seed to open and highly fertile soil that is bathed in sunshine.

Fertile soil that is clear of competing plants is definitely a rare and short-lived occurrence in nature. As soon as it becomes available the activity of growing marijuana outdoors would be taken advantage of straight away. A catastrophe such as a flood or earth-slide are such ways in which this kind of open soil may be found. Around 10,000 years ago during the Neolithic age nomadic groups discovered the ability to plant native grains and hence developed agriculture. Agriculture required commitment to the land and enables a continuous supply of food which allows people to form permanent human settlements.

The earliest cultural evidence of growing marijuana outdoors comes from the oldest known Neolithic culture in China, the Yang-shao, which lived along the Yellow River valley about 6,500 years ago. The clothes the people wore, the nets they also fished and hunted with, and the ropes they used were made with the long, incredibly strong and durable fibre called ‘hemp’.

As their culture grew over time, these prehistoric people replaced the clothing of animal skins with hemp cloth. At first, hemp cloth was worn by the more wealthy, but when silk became available, hemp clothed the masses.