The Absolute Best Treatment For Ovarian Cysts

In my opinion the medical world – our Doctors – do not offer the best treatment for ovarian cysts. Well, they almost do. I better explain.

You are having severe pain in the abdomen, sometimes also in your back and even down into your thighs. In a routine pelvic exam your MD suspected ovarian cyst so she ordered ultra sound which bore out her suspicions – you have at least 1 ovarian cyst.

You and your doctor then discussed treatment for ovarian cysts and sheave you three choices: Rx drugs, surgery or patience. Patience being her immediate recommendation. Something like "let's just watch it for a couple months and then reevaluate." This was the best treatment for ovarian cysts that doctors give!

An ovarian cyst can be as small as a pea or large as a grapefruit. They advise to wait and watch is to discover if the cyst is growing or shrinking.

If it is growing, you will know it. The Tylenol she said you could take is not going to do much for you if it gets golf ball size or better. And when you return to her in agony she will either suggest hormone meds or surgery. Not your best choice; either of them.

So, let's say it's shrinking; very possible, as most cysts do disappear on their own. You go back for your two month follow up, even though felt you did not need to 'cause you feel fine, and the Dr. says "Well, are not you lucky – your cyst is all gone!"

You're not lucky!

It will return!

The only way to be truly rid of ovarian cysts forever is to get to the root cause and correct that, not just the current cyst and symptoms. Medicine and surgery can not do that. The only way is with a natural treatment system for ovarian cysts.

By just having a cyst your body is telling you something is a-miss. In this case it is probably saying your hormones are out of balance! It makes no sense to me to take a hormone medication that does not try to re-balance your hormones but rather it controls ovulation and does more messing with your hormones.

I will admit, for some women it works fine. The drugs clear up the current cysts, and as long as the women continue to take the drugs, they will probably remain cyst free. But, the root cause is not being addressed. As soon as, or if, they get off the drugs there is every chance the cysts will develop again.

By the way, did you know PMS is one of the side effects of birth control pills? Not for me – thanks anyway!

So how about surgery? Once again it is treating only the current outbreak. If your cyst has gotten huge it is understandable that surgery sounds good. You're in a lot of pain. But, do not be hasty. Relief from the pain can come quite quickly if you're on the right natural treatment plan. The right plan will teach you how to handle the pain.

My cyst was, according to the doctor, about the size of a small apple. That's not small! And I had one on a kidney at the same time, though smaller. I was able to handle the pain and cure the root cause of both with a natural treatment system. I simply was not willing to accept the inherent risk of scarring and infection if I could avoid it. Especially since surgery would not be getting to the root of the problem and I hold no desire to repeat the experience with ovarian cysts! No thanks, not for me!

OK! So what is the best treatment for ovarian cysts? In my experienced opinion it is a natural treatment system that teaches you the 3 main causes, diet, toxins, and stress, and how to adapt your lifestyle to handle these three causes better than you have been and thereby eliminate your propensity to develop cysts.

You know what? You have the opportunity to come out of this healthier than you've been in a long time. I did, and in just a couple months!