The 5 Big Questions About Lower Back Pain

There are 5 big questions you should ask about lower back pain. These questions will tell you what is wrong and what you should do to change it. Low back pain and back pains in general affect over 80% of the adult population – yet most adults do not understand what you can do.

So what are the 5 big questions?

1. Where is your lower back pain? Important as this tells you this is the most likely area to target. Is your pain central to the spine, is it out from the spine, into the buttock or referred down the leg. The location of pain generally tells you how severe it is. The further your pain travels from your spine, the more likely you have a greater injury.

2. How did your low back pains occur?

If you have had a fall or injury then it is best to seek help. Pain levels do not always indicate the severity. Many people wait for weeks before they consult a practitioner, only to find out they have fractured a joint, injured an area and it is potentially serious. So with all injuries seek help first, rule out the bigger problems and then address your lower back pain issues.

3. What makes it better? If you find the activity makes your lower back pain better, then it is more likely muscular and not too serious. If activity makes it worse, then it is either a joint problem or the injury is more severe – seek help.

4. What makes your lower back pain worse? This is the big question. Does straining, coughing or deep breathing make your pan worse? If so seek immediate attention. If straining of any type makes pain worse then you may have a disc injury or a severe spinal condition, such as a fracture. Straining will aggravate the area and increase the lower back pain – seek help !!

5. What other symptoms occur? This is also as important as question 4. If you lose bowel or bladder control then you may have spinal cord problems or a severe injury. If you start to get headaches, referred pain, fever or any other changes in your general health then seek immediate medical help. Bypass your Chiropractor, Physiotherapist etc and go directly to medical help or your local hospital. Rule out the serious first and then aim to remove your low back pains.

Although over 90% of all lower back pain issues are usually minor and easily correctable. There are times when your lower back pain is more serious. This is when you need to be aware of the issues that make your lower back pain more serious.

The world is full of people who have said "if only I had sorted this out sooner". Do not become one of them. If your low backpain is indicating a serious problem, seek help. If it does not fit the warning signs then use the many self help techniques to help yourself remove your lower back pain. Low backpain can be easily solved if you know what and where to target.