The 10 Symptoms of Endometriosis Your Doctor Won’t Tell You!

I don’t know why but for some strange reason we think that Endometriosis is just a problem within our “womanly bits”. We think that we need to focus all our energies on healing just that one aspect of our bodies. Lets look at the hormones, what is your period doing? How is your PMS?

The funny thing is, the more I discover about Endometriosis, the more I realise that Endometriosis is so much more than just a hormonal problem. Every other symptom you are experiencing is likely to be related to Endometriosis. Here are some you are likely to have, that your doc will simply not attribute to Endometriosis.

  • Poor digestion or digestive troubles

This one is so common with girls with Endometriosis that doctors assume we have IBS most of the time, rather than endo! It is partly our hormonal imbalances that cause digestive troubles but there is also a strong link with fungal and bacterial infections that might be interfering with mineral absorption in the body.

  • Allergies

Skin allergies, hayfever and all those sensitivities. This is so common with endometriosis sufferers.

  • Painful sex

One of the key symptoms in my opinion of Endometriosis and one of the hardest to deal with.

  • Back ache and muscle tension

Do you have sore shoulders all the time, a sore lower back and tense muscles in your body? This is also related to Endometriosis.

  • Feeling tired and exhausted all the time

Chances are you are just feeling tired and exhausted all the time. This is partly hormonal but also relates to a high toxic load that probably exists within your body.

  • Not sleeping well or suffering from insomnia

An inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. You are a restless sleeper and it frustrates you because you know your body is really tired too!

  • Brittle nails, dry or damaged hair

This indicates a mineral and vitamin deficiency and it is common with Endometriosis due to poor digestion and assimilation.

  • Feeling cold or suffering from poor circulation

This relates to a poor lymphatic system and poor lymphatic flow. Likely due to toxic load on the body and just not moving enough.

  • Sore eyes and eye troubles

Your eyes are likely to feel sore easily or be sensitive or you struggle with eyesight. I know I had eye troubles for years and always thought they were two separate issues. When I started healing my body, the eye troubles started to go away.

  • Funny lumps and pumps on the skin

Your skin is an organ of the body and provides the body with a way to release excess toxins. Bumps and lumps under the skin are called liplomas and are your bodies way of storing toxins in the body. Other skin indicators are little red dots under the arms, pimples and acne and skin conditions such as eczema. They are also often an indication of Candida.

Learn to recognise each symptom of your body and make a note of them. They all aid in knowing more about your body and how to heal it. Endometriosis is so much more than just a hormonal imbalance. Look carefully at your liver, digestive system and lifestyle to really understand this condition.