Thank You for Giving Us Such a Beautiful Planet – A Letter to the Divine Creator


Thank you for giving us planet earth. A letter to the Divine Creator- We have so many beautiful,natural gifts by which to marvel everyday, all within one planet.


To: The Divine Creator.

From: The Earth’s Inhabitants

We have so many beautiful,natural gifts by which to marvel. We all eat from the same beautiful, bountiful ocean sea. We all fly to and return from the same bright, blue sky, as we travel cross-county, cross-state,cross-country and even crossing continents and time zones. We all breathe from the same clean, fresh atmosphere.Thank you for giving us “Our beautiful planet earth- worth our time and attention- IT takes care of and feeds us from every land 2 every nation. Our beautiful planet never asks to go on vacation IT houses and feeds All of us everyday! Together we shall Enjoy the adventure while here on earth, cultivating life as if finding a treasured pearl; harvesting, polishing, planting and wearing the jewel that serves best.

Living on earth can be attributed to the beauty of a rainbow. AN EVER- SPLENDID RAINBOW WHEN BLENDED WITH YOU AND ME AND OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL RENDER A BEAUTIFUL HUE FEATURING ME AND YOU AND OUR RESPECTIVE CULTURES, BELIEFS AND INTERNAL PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE AND OUR VALUABLE COGNIZANCE OF OUR PLANETARY RESPONSIBILITY. We very much enjoy the bright sunshine and stare at the flares of flickering calls to work, plan, dream or inspire the next course of action.

Imagine if the sun could speak or react? The sun shining down from a clouded sky with sun flare that stares at us waiting for us to make a move to be inspired, incite action, enthusiasm, or to draw closer to dreams and intentions. That’s exactly how the sun can build us up from a cloudy storm, from what was once the norm, to a dream, or inspiration that will bring bold intention into the steps of ordained life paths and reach or surpass the outcome of our dreams.

We all enjoy the same brightly lit stars, the milky way, the galaxy. We all breathe from the fresh plants offering clean air, because they care enough to share invigorating, cleansing oxygen, and the beautiful rain forest will attest to this. We all receive warmth, light and new growth from the same illuminating sun.

We all reap the benefits of the glowing moon; it balances the earth’s rotation;it keeps the earth from wobbling; it moves the tides in the ocean; helping all animals breed new life. AS WE AVOW AND INTEND TO LET THE OCEANS LIVE- We plan to help the ocean extend its life- LIVING LONGER TO THRIVE TO KEEP YOU AND ME ALIVE. WE PLAN TO all get together and reap empowerment SUPPLYING THE INTENTION AND TOGETHER WE UNIFY OUR CAUSE FOR EMPOWERMENT. We travel together in unison past the mountain tops, crossing oceans and reaching the moon and beyond to the galaxy of our greatest dreams.

We are all part of humanity; together we are all one. It is very important for us to get back together again as one humanity, no class,no color, or no distinction of anything!

It is important to build people, buildings and nature the way that our Divine Creator intended. WE PROMISE TO get back to nature and natural buildings and living. Getting back to nature and what has been provided on earth, utilizing natural resources in a responsible way is the new wave, renewed with more powerful technology and energy efficiency at the core of building and commercial real estate innovation and building code enforcement changes are sure to follow suit.

THANK YOU LORD; I THANK YOU FOR GIVING; as we take a silent moment to reflect, appreciate; to observe your glory this Thanksgiving!

Thank you for breathing life into your planet: Earth- You have given us dominion over the planet and in return, you ask that we take of it and protect it.

Thanksgiving: Thank you for giving us a place to live: to the Divine Creator,

We,”Thank you,”again and again!

p.s – We won’t wait for a specific Thursday in November to celebrate Thanksgiving, as long as you are alive and thriving on this beautiful, healthy, for now, planet, it is a great time to be alive and to thank the Divine Creator for everything, everyday!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!