Tetanus – Successful and Natural Treatment

Tetanus can be a very serious sequel to an injury with broken skin or a puncture wound. But, getting it also means that your immune system is badly compromised.

When you injure yourself and break the skin, there is always a possibility of getting an infection or worse, tetanus. If you take Arnica immediately and feel relief from the pain, then it is unlikely you will get either an infection or anything more serious.

Infection typically comes after an unclean object has penetrated your skin. Such as barbed wire, a rusty nail. That sort of thing. This is known as a puncture or stab wound.

Hypericum is the number one homeopathic medicine for a puncture or stab wounds. And it doesn’t matter whether the wound is from a shard of glass, an animal bite or an injection, the body looks upon them all as puncture wounds.

Dorothy Shepherd, a UK wartime homeopath-cum-doctor, tells a tale of a stable lad who had been pierced on his hand with a stable pitch fork (nicely smeared with manure no doubt), thrown at him by an angry co-worker.

He took no action for a week. When she saw him the infection had set it, swelling the arm. Tetanus was suspected because of the nature of the injury, he was feverish and beginning to complain of difficulty in swallowing.

He was give Hypericum orally and topically. Within a few hours his fever had gone, the swelling disappeared and he had full use of his hand within days. So Arnica, and related injury remedies, will prevent infection and Hypericum will treat it. A note of caution.

If you are taking regular injections (such as insulin), once the remedy had dealt with the injury, it will move on to anti-doting the injections. So stop when that happens. And don’t be shy about consulting with a professional homeopath if you’re unsure about the treatment