Test Your Computer Speed

Test your computer speed; this way you will find if your speed really is what you paid for.

There are many ways to test your computer’s speed and many of them are free online… now how reliable they are is a different story, but I’ll leave that up to you. First, checking your computer’s speed, this is so easy; my son can do it and is just 4 years old. There are many websites you can do this for free. Just Google the phrase ‘check computer’s speed’ and you’ll end up with millions of hits, but you can just go to one of the first few on the list.

One of the best and most accurate tests your computer speed sites, for me anyway, is: speakeasy (just Google this word and you will find it). All you have to do is follow or type in this link, choose the geographical location you’re closet to; this is for accuracy of the test, then hit check speed. It only takes a minute and it checks your download and uploads speed.

Check your processors speed

Another thing to check for speed on a slower computer is checking your processor speed. This requires a download, but still, a monkey could do it. First, open your web browser and search for a website that offers a CPU speed testing program. In this case, I will use a program called ‘CPU Speed professional.’

The reason I’m choosing this program is because it has a free version and it’s gotten good reviews. This program will accurately check the ‘real’ speed of your Central processing Unit (CPU) and while you are at it, you can submit your results to the CPU Speed online WORLD benchmark and ranking tables to see how your computer compares with others…in your country and around the world.

Getting back on how to use it, go to your web browser and navigate to CPU Speed Professional or you can use the link: http://www.cpuspeedpro.com/. Once you’ve downloaded the software, follow the on-screen instructions (again, a monkey could do it) to install the program. When you’re done installing it, double-click on the desktop icon it leaves behind for your convenience (personally I HATE desktop clutter, thank you for ‘docks’). Once you’ve done that, click on the ‘Show CPU Speed” on the left side of the programs window and it will give you details such as: the make, the model, and the advertised speed of your computers CPU.

Next, in order to get the most accurate reading possible, close every other program that’s currently running. Click on the ‘Test CPU Speed’ button at the top of the window to start the testing process. Let the test run it’s course and then click on the ‘View Results’ button to see the speed of your processor is running at. Simple! Once again, there are many free and online test sites for your computer. Just Google ‘Test your computer speed’ and carefully read each one then choose the one that fits best for you.

Test speed is okay, but your PC is very slow? Why?

Many people do these tests to understand why their PC is so slow. If you are one of them, read this carefully:

Most of the computers are slow not only of the lack of your PC performance, but especially because of a full hard drive on C: (start deleting movies you already saw them, videos, mp3’s, unnecessary files… start cleaning), because of too many programs lunched at startup, un-fragmented hard drive, a virus or spyware reside on your pc and mostly… a mess on your registry. We will not talk about all these now; I just told you what the problem with a slow computer is generically.