Test Anxiety


Although it is quite normal for most students to feel some level of stress and anxiety during examination days, yet in some cases where anxiety begins to hamper exam performance, it becomes a major hindrance. Test anxiety is caused due to many reasons, such as lack of preparation due to inappropriate time management, poor study habits, and inability to organize information. Along with that, constant peer and parental pressure to perform well and the dread of failure can wreck havoc in the lives of students. A fallout of this stress is Test Anxiety Disorder.

Test anxiety may even infuse certain bodily changes in the students like perspiration, stomach upset, fast heartbeat, tension in the muscles, headache or sweaty palms.

Test anxiety leads to mounting nervousness which distorts the reading, understanding, organizing, retrieval and answering as well as performance skills of the people. The only way to cope with it or combat it is by studying hard, learning and practicing on a regular basis and avoiding laziness, procrastination and day dreaming. One should learn to focus and concentrate on the material that is being read and should never forget to relax that is, take long deep breaths along with proper sleep or rest, so as to stay rejuvenated. There are certain means through which the power of concentration can be increased. The most effective ones are to choose the right environment where noise, interference and distraction are at a minimum. Lighting, comfort, temperature and neatness must be properly maintained.

Whenever confronted with test anxiety, one must try not to think about fear and be focussed about what one is supposed to do. One should try remaining relevant, relaxed, calm and composed. Imbibing a positive attitude can really work wonders and hasten the healing process of an individual. Some anxiety is normal and inevitable. One must learn to steadily accept with it and keep oneself distracted and busy. However, if it persists for a longer period of time, then seeking psychological help would not be a bad decision.