Terry Nappies VS Rashes

Just a few weeks ago, my brother, his wife and three kids came over to visit. Since it's been a while since my parents saw my nephews, their visit changed the mood at home and made the ambiance much brighter. That's what these kids can do at our house. That is until night comes and the youngest of the three, who's only eight months old would start crying and screaming for no apparent reason.

They stayed over for three days and two nights. During the first night, my youngest nephew, Jeremy was crying non-stop. He woke everyone in the house because of it. We were sure that he was not hungry since he just finished three bottles of milk before going to bed. We checked his diapers and found that he was already wet thirty minutes after going to bed.

But even after he got his diapers changed, he was still crying a lot. We just could not figure it out until we noticed him squirming and trying to pull his disposable diapers off. That's when my sister-in-law, who was a nurse, noticed that he had rashes on his bum.

She was thinking that maybe it has something to do with the change of climate. My brother and his family lives in a reliably cooler area while we prefer the warmer climates. Our assumption was that the kid started sweating in his diapers since it was made latex and was not as breathable as cotton or terry nappies.

What my sister-in-law did was take the disposable diapers off and replaced it with terry nappies. It was a lot more comfortable and breathable so hopefully it would make the child feel a lot better. Well, it did help a bit.

Jeremy reduced his squirming significantly and stopped crying for a bit. It did not get rid of the rashes right away but it did help quiet him down a bit. My brother said that the rashes might stay for a few more days after they got back home but for now, baby powder and more comfortable clothing should do the trick.