Ten Kinds of Food Which May Cause Poisoning in Summer

Introduction: during the hot summer, people are very susceptible to food poisoning, which will cause serious damage on their body. As a result, you should pay great attention to the diet in summer. In the following section, we are going to introduce ten kinds of food, which may easily cause food poisoning in summer. Therefore, you should be careful to these foods in daily diet.

1. Unrooted bean sprouts:
In the process of production, farmers always use herbicide to prevent the growth of the root of bean sprouts, while herbicide contains some harmful chemical substances which may cause cancer, deformity, and mutation.

2. Germinant green potato:
Germinant green potato contains a high content of solanen, which may cause nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms of food poisoning after eating.

3. Green tomato:
Unripe green tomato also contains the toxic substance solanen, which is likely to cause food poisoning after eating.

4. Fresh daylily:
Fresh daylily contains a kind of toxic substance–colchicine, which can cause dry throat, stomach heartburn, hematuria and other poisoning symptoms.

5. Broad beans:
Some people are allergic to broad beans. After they eat broad beans, they may suffer from allergic hemolytic syndrome, causing muscle weakness, anemia and other symptoms.

6. Discolored laver:
Discoloured laver can secrete some toxic substances, which will contaminate laver and make its color become bluish violet. It will cause food poisoning and bring serious harm on the body after eating.

7. Rotten cabbage:
Rotten cabbage contains nitrite, which will react with human blood and form methemoglobin, thus making the blood lose the function of carrying oxygen and then lead to hypoxia and poisoning. This will make people suffer from dizziness, palpitation, vomiting, and so on. If it is severe, it may even cause unconsciousness, convulsion, shortness of breath, and may even threaten human life.

8. Sweet potato with black spots on it:
If there are some black spot on the sweet potato, this is caused by the infection of bacteria. It may cause food poisoning after eating.

9. Yellow tremella:
If the tremella become yellow, it is contaminated by flavobacterium, which may cause dizziness, stomachache, diarrhea, and other poisoning symptoms.

10. Uncooked string beans:
Raw string beans contain saponins and hemaglutinin. Saponins will cause strong stimulation on human gastrointestinal tract, which not only can lead to hemorrhagic inflammation, but may also dissolve the red blood cells. While hemaglutinin may agglutinate the red blood cells, and cause poisoning after eating.