Ten Anti Social Phobias


Phobia is normally related to AvPD or Avoidant Personality Disorder and not with anti social personality disorder or APD. “Anti social means that someone has no respect for social norms or the feelings of others.” It is the exact opposite of the social phobia. Thus when it comes to considering ten anti-social phobias, prominent among the phobias, there is nothing to do with social phobias. Having a look at them could convince one about this.

1. Abusive Behavior to Children

Sadistic behavior where a person gets pleasure by abusing the child is perhaps the greatest among the anti-social phobias. There is hardly an object more pious and lovable than a child and abusing it in any manner only shows the most deranged mental state. Unfortunately there are people who derive all the pleasure by abusing, hurting, and even sexually exploiting children, the worst type of social behavior that could be thought of and are constant threat to humanity and civilization. While many people have some background for development of such phobia in them, the trait is still not desirable.

2.Willfully Violating Women

Another very unpleasant and dangerous anti social phobia is the attitude in people dealing sadistically with women. Willful violence against women and indulging in torturing women by way of rape, molestation, and abuse of any kind is one of the worst kinds of behavior expected from a civilized man. However such behavior are found in quite a few and these persons are suffering from a phobia that views women as an object of misuse. One of the results of such phobia is domestic violence that is unwarranted in any form.

3.Failure to Conform to Social Norms Relating to Lawful Behaviors

People suffering from such phobias indulge in such actions that deviate from lawful behavior conforming to social norms. In result they often come on the wrong side of the law courting arrest and similar other fates. Yet they derive a form of sadistic pleasure by indulging in actions that are looked upon with disdain by others. Perhaps the person committing such actions feel that by doing this they are paying back some of what the world have paid them. It does not necessarily mean that the feelings have any sound basis. On most occasions these conditions are hallucinations resulting out of the thinking of the negative mind of the person suffering from phobia.


One of the most negative and anti-social behaviors are deceitfulness. Persons suffering from it usually indulge in the habit of repeatedly lying with people they come across and using aliases, or even conning others for the sake of personal profit or pleasure. Such people do not look to the well being of others and they only consider everything from their own pursuit. Despicable in nature, these traits often make the person suffering from the anti-social phobia undesirable company for many. Yet at the same time the person concerned gets pleasure out of their evil designs smiling at the back of their mind when some poor victims are subjected to their deceit.

5.Undesirable Aggressiveness

Aggressiveness for doing something good could be socially desirable but not aggressiveness when it works against hapless innocent victims. More often than not people suffering from such phobia display unwarranted aggressiveness and most of the times young, old and infirm, and women are at the receiving ends. These people consider the whole world to be their enemy and they tend to take out their vengeance on anyone who comes across. Usually this syndrome is the result of feeling of insecurity in the person suffering from the phobia. It is also seen that people who do not have a happy family life or had some bad experiences in their childhood and aggressiveness is not singular to the men alone. Women could be as aggressive as their male counterparts.

6.Irritability and Violent Behavior

Very often people suffering from this type of phobia get involved in fights and assaulting others. And when not involved in direct fights they tend to express irritation at everyone around and often does not bother in physically torturing others. Tending to become irritated at the slightest provocation and even without any provocation, they cause embarrassment to others around and are also a constant source of danger for the society. At the same time they could even be dangerous for the environment around since venting their anger on plants, trees, and small animals around would be as harmful and despicable as any of the worst actions taken by anyone.

7.Reckless Disregards for Safety of Others

Every alternative day one comes across news on the print and electronic media about reckless driving, riding, or running some machine, or even indulging in actions without taking care of safety of others. These people have no regards for the safety of others. They do not give a dime about loss of human lives or hazards to fellow people. Numerous accidents that have taken tolls of hundreds of lives have been the result of such people who have little regards for safety considerations. A good number of such people are often found intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, those are often the main reasons for recklessness in many people. Uniqueness of the phobia in such people is that they do not have any care for even their own safety.

8.Inconsistent Behavior

People who fail to sustain consistent behavior in respect of works or honor financial commitments and obligations suffer from this type of anti social phobia. Disdainful behavior can create problems for people around and similar inconsistencies in one’s behavior at workplace can cause problems for the coworkers. At the same time not keeping the commitments financially is one of the major problems that have given rise to many sad incidents on the earth. Behavioral patterns found in these people are completely different from normal people and the worst part of it is that the miscreant does not consider it wrong.

9.Unwarranted Feats of Anger

Having feats of sudden anger, most of the times without any reason, is another form of anti social phobia. Such people do not have any reason for the anger. It is only the expression of their inner feelings that indicates their insecurity. People often feel disdained or perturbed with their fellows suffering sudden surges of anger. Ordinarily people who are frustrated in their life or who have not been able to fulfill their wishes are the victims of this phobia. All the same it is socially most dangerous and could result in various ugly incidents that could be otherwise avoidable.

10.Lack of Remorse for Others

Man is a social animal and one of the traits is feeling remorse for bad fate and sufferings of others. Lack of remorse for others is one of the biggest anti-social phobias that are there. Man has feeling and a good man feels for others or at least his or her friend, family, and loved ones. That feeling is exactly not found in people suffering from this type of phobia. Such people lack all feeling and only their own interest is supreme in their mind. Remaining oblivious to suffering of others, they show a marked indifference after even hurting, mistreating, or making others suffer towards the hurt feelings.


Difference in the people suffering from anti social phobia is how they feel about other people. An anti social would feel angry at other though he or she may or may not express the feeling. An anti social phobic will make others feel bad. In any case it is one of the mental diseases that are required to be corrected with the help of therapist. Otherwise if the phobia reaches its zenith, it could be dangerous for all human being and the entire mankind.