Teenage Social Anxiety – How To Help Your Child Through This

Whether we are young or old most of us will experience stress & some form of social anxiety at some stage in our lives. The amount of stress & how we deal with it will determine if it is a problem or not. A little stress is good for us but if it lasts for long periods of time it begins to affect us mentally, emotionally & physically. I am sure that we all realize that being a teenager is tough.

Teenage years are stressful, they have to deal with difficult decisions & emotions run high. In many cases they can appear like a soap opera with dramatic outbursts & highs & lows. With more & more demands in society in general Teenage Social Anxiety is not uncommon & can be almost impossible to cope with. If you think your son or daughter is suffering from this debilitating condition then as you read on find out how one Mum found a solution…

Social anxiety is a form of panic anxiety, when it comes to spotting & dealing with teenage stress & anxiety it is important to keep in tune with your child’s feelings & try to look for the triggers. Every case is different, what one child may get stressed over another may not be at all bothered.

I recently heard this story

Julie was a single mum of two. Her youngest Tim was 13 years old, had always been a lively friendly child & over the years had taken part in various after school activities. Over the past few months she had however noticed some changes.

  • Became secretive
  • Complained of stomach & headaches
  • Became nervous of new situations
  • Nightmares
  • Forgetful
  • Loss of concentration
  • Would lose his temper quickly

One morning after dropping him off for school in the usual place, a couple of streets away, Julie noticed he had left one of his books behind. As she drove towards him Julie noticed that Tim was alone, looking at the ground walking behind a mixed group of boys & girls who were all chatting, laughing & generally messing about. In the past Tim would have been one of the crowd, Julie was upset & this started to make her think about recent events. The more she though about it the more she tried to work out what could have caused these changes.

These things came to mind

Julie became divorced 4 years ago, Tim had to move schools & needed to make new friends

Julie needed to take action, she was not a fan of taking medication, preferring a natural approach. After some research she found that by improving their diet, including more fresh fruit & vegetables & replacing the kid’s fizzy drinks with plain water could help.

Julie also decided to encourage Tim to take up swimming again. There was still more to be done however & she decided to try some self help stress management. After helping Tim to follow a natural simple technique they were both really happy to be able to eliminate his Teenage Social Anxiety completely.