Teen Depression – Treatment and Motivation

Your depression will be cured with the new attitude you will adopt in your life henceforth, because humanity needs you and because you need a purpose in your life.

As you can observe, our world is a very sad place, where you cannot be happy as you imagined when you were a child. Here, things are very difficult and nothing is as the way you wish it would be.

You must have the attitude of a hero because you have an obligation to be a hero in a world on the brink of complete destruction by human indifference and disrespect as well as futility and hypocrisy.

You inherited a crazy world governed by cold rationalism, where life has no chance of improvement and peace is only a myth. You also have a crazy psychic sphere that is inherent in you since the biggest part of your mind belongs to your wild and primitive conscience, which means that you are constantly influenced by this violent and absurd content.

You must save the world and save your soul.

This is your responsibility because you are young and you have a lot of energy. If you feel depressed and weak, it’s because you have to face too much and things are too difficult. In reality, the truth is that you have energy and courage on your side because of your youth.

You have not tasted failure or big disappointments, you are not tired, you have a young and athletic body and you are strong. Therefore, humanity depends on you since you can learn, work, correct and build.

Humanity is tired, extremely depressed and has no hope.

Start correcting the world with your example. Be the wise and responsible person who understands the necessity of wisdom in order to solve the human problems.

Beat futility and hypocrisy with your sincerity and your respect to your studies. Apply in your life all the good things that you learn by reading and listening. Don’t be like all the old generations who couldn’t amend their behaviour by virtue of the knowledge they acquired.

You must be serious. In your time, teenagers must help the adults who are trapped in their terrible mistakes. You cannot be futile.

Of course you are depressed… You are young, full of life and energy, but instead of an environment where you could unwind and enjoy with everything you wanted to do, you live in chaos full of invisible traps and dangers.

Only if you try to do something to improve this world where you and billions of people like you live in suffering, will you feel better and only then will your life have a positive meaning.

This way, you will also overcome your depression and the world will be saved by your work.

You are very important!

Please, save us from our ignorance, indolence and indifference!