Teen Depression and Dream Interpretation

I wrote a scientific book relating the work and the discoveries of many scientists including Carl Jung and me, after continuing Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere. When I came to my own conclusion in this huge book, I was very optimistic because I saw that the unconscious side of the human psychic sphere is wise and saintly and can cure anyone from any problem.

However, the unconscious didn’t let me publish my book but it revealed to me that I had to continue the research. I had to fight against schizophrenia without losing my conscience, so that I could reveal the unique cure for this horrible disease to the world.

This fight was the worse experience of my life. I still cannot believe I’m alive and healthy after everything I had to face!

When I could finally write my conclusions after facing schizophrenia and winning the battle thanks to the unconscious’ guidance, I was very negative. My sadness was unbearable, because I saw how powerful craziness is and how weak the human conscience was. I saw that I could win this terrible battle only because I had guidance and I was a very obedient patient and student. Other people have no chance to fight against craziness because they don’t have the knowledge, resistance and the guidance and support of the unconscious.

So, I understood that my mission is to save young people from craziness before they completely lose their human conscience.

Yes, I found solutions even for schizophrenics and psychotics who cannot be cured through regular psychotherapy. Anyone can be helped and cured through dream interpretation; my first conclusion was correct. However, craziness is such a terrible pest that this fight is pure hell.

Who can bear it? I was very strong and resistant. I’m very intelligent and healthy and I had the conditions to study. But what about everyone else? Ignorant people who have no basic education? Or weak people that have too many psychological and existential problems?… How can everyone fight against craziness and win the battle in the end like I did?

Only heroes can fight against schizophrenia and psychosis. The battle can be won but it requires a heroic attitude from the patients. Usually however, these patients do not cooperate with their doctors and they cannot accept suffering. So, there is no solution for them.

The solution I discovered works only for patients who cooperate with the doctor, the unconscious that sends us the dream messages. If the patients don’t cooperate in transforming their behaviour and obeying the directions they receive, they cannot be cured. This psychotherapy is based on the transformation of the person’s personality; it cannot save the patients without their participation.

Now that I finally finished my huge book and simplified it so that it could be understood by anyone, I can see that the new generation is depressed due to the horrors of our world and the serious mistakes made by the previous generations.

Teens have no courage to face all the problems of existence in a world where justice is only a myth because craziness governs the population.

However, they are the unique heroes who can save humanity from destruction because they have to show to the world that we need to be conscious of what we do, that everyone has to have the indispensable conditions of life and pass through psychotherapy, so that everyone may be balanced and live peacefully in our world.

Psychotherapy through dream interpretation is really a miraculous solution we didn’t expect we could have!

Yes, it really is, but it depends on the cooperation of the patient. Each one has to understand one’s mistakes and agree to change one’s behaviour in order to be saved from  depression  and craziness, thus acquiring psychic health.

Therefore, I hope the new generation understands the importance of this miraculous solution and all teens learn how to correctly interpret their dreams, so that they may change our horrible world with their intelligent and sensitive work, after being cured from their  depression  by this method.