Technological Breakthrough Means Contact Lenses Are Safer Than Ever

A new breakthrough in contact lens design has meant that contact lenses are even safer than before. Researchers at John Hopkins university have discovered a substance that may prove useful in repelling bacteria from contact lenses. Most of the few complications that can arise from contact lens use are caused by bacteria.

The discovery was made by researcher Fan Young, who specializes in biomaterial and nanomaterial engineering. Earlier in life, Ms. Young had been told that wearing contact lenses could possibly give her an eye infection. This spurred her to seek a way to reduce this possibility. Her inspiration came from a lab experiment where she was looking to find a compound that would adhere to bacteria. There were some compounds that simply would not stick to bacteria, and this provided the inspiration for her work in creating an anti-bacterial contact lens material.

Infection can be a problem for any contact lens user. Whether or not one's contacts are regular prescription lenses or non-prescription cosmetic lenses, preparations must be taken. All instructions on the lens packaging must be followed, and lenses should never be bought on the black market. If you take care of your prescribed lenses, you should have a clear vision without worry.