Techniques and Tips to Cope Or Overcome Panic Attacks Or Anxiety

Your palm begins to sweat, your heart begins to palpitate quickly, you become very alert to the surroundings you're at, you felt the hot-flashes behind your back. Those who once felt it will certainly know that the symptoms of a Panic-Attack or Anxiety Attack. If it occurred more than once and you are always regularly worried about when the next attack comes – it is classified as Panic Disorder or Anxiety Disorder.

Is it going to last forever? Is it going to take over my life? The answer is NO!

I, the author, experienced my first attack when I was just 7 years old. Since that attack onwards, it has developed to a disorder. I did not know about my condition till I was 16 years old. Could you imagine? I suffered for 9-years – oblivious to it. When I learned about my condition, I consulted professional help. I was prescribed and told to take 20mg of Prozac daily initially, now I am only taking 5mg daily. And believe me – medication and professional help did not really help me at all. Instead, I put full dedication to research on my own attacks to make new findings on how to cope.

Ok, I will be giving a few of the techniques I have created from my findings. But before I do so, I need to give you some insights.

Our mind is a very powerful tool – believe me. And because of that, our minor panic-attacks can be amplified to a full-blown scale. The more you think about your attacks, it starts to get worse! So you need to prevent that! And how do we do it? The answer is Distraction .

Quite some time ago, I was waiting to take the bus to school. As I was waiting for the bus, my palms started to sweat and I became very alert. Immediately, I knew it would be worse if I kept on thinking about it. So I distracted myself by thinking: "What else can I improve my project? How can I improve it?" I was so engrossed to it that I boarded the bus and reached the destination without realizing it! I never even felt the symptoms of the panic-attack during the trip! Why do not you try it? Think of something relating to what you are going to do later. Or if you're blasting songs to your ears with your mp3-player, visualize you're the drummer, guitarist or singer in the song. Say you're visualizing that you're the drummer, visualize that you're in the concert playing the song and you are focusing on hitting the beats; and say if you're the singer, visualize or inhale and exhale as if you're singing the lyrics of the song. Believe me, the mind is a very powerful tool.

The difference between a person who does not have panic-attacks or anxiety with a person who has, the former is always busy thinking what he is going to do later or is totally blank in his mind. Whereas for the latter, the person is always thinking about his panic-attacks. That is why it becomes a full-blown scale.

Here's another technique I found, it is powerful! Recently, there's this lady in Yahoo Answers asking for tips to satisfy her Anxiety (or Panic Attacks) because she is going for a concert and wondering what if the attack happens during the concert. I recommended her the BLINKER . And it really worked for her, she gave me a feedback and my answer was chosen as the best by her. You can check out the link at the resources below.

The Blinker is particularly useful when you start to feel as if you jump off a building or on a rollercoaster ride – the uncomfortable stomach feeling. You need to have faith in this technique and most importantly, you need to feel comfortable with that uncomfortable stomach feeling at its initial stage. Believe me, once you do this, I can guarantee you your panic-attacks or anxiety will disappear! So how do you use the blinker?

When you blink, clear all your thoughts in your mind – blank it all up . Even if it is the concerns coming from your mind – blank it up when you blink once.

Please keep this in mind when you use the blinker – blink every time you have any negative thoughts regarding on your attacks. Because once you felt the attack or symptoms initially, your mind will start bombarding you with negative thoughts like "It is not working", "It is going to be a full-blown!" Egypt "I am going to die!". Keep blinking! Whenever a negative thought pops in your mind – blink!