Teach Yourself To Cure Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Well it’s true, I’m a sufferer, (not anymore) but people have always told me I worry too much in my life. Are you the same? Worry and stress is the main cause of Anxiety and Panic Attacks. The reason we suffer is because we allow ourselves too be controlled by our mind.

Management is the key, can you take control of you life right now? You have to, otherwise it will grab you like some inner power that controls the way you feel instead of you controlling the way you feel. It may sound unreal but it’s true.

Get a piece of paper now and write down your action plan – how to cure your anxiety and panic attacks.

Some ideas…

1. Get active and concentrate on something to relax the mind (yoga, running, cycling, listening to music)

2. Healthy eating is a must, plan a strict diet for the next 3 months at least

3. Learn to breath, it’s true that most of us do not inhale to enough into our bodies throughout the day. (sit down somewhere quite and breath in and out ten times inhaling as deep as you can)

4. When you wake each day, tell yourself you’re well and you’re in control of your body, you can say this out loud or in your mind.

What you’re doing is training your mind to relax and focus. This is the key to conquering your fear because that is what it is. You can train your body to do almost anything and this is what you must start to do from today if you want to be cured. No drug can help you.

Do not waste money with doctor’s fees and psychiatrist, the only person that can cure you is you. You have to just start to believe in yourself. Take what you’ve read here and now and make a difference…go on right now!

One benefit is to have understanding people around you as most spouses and family members do not understand what you will be going though. Try and stay away from them if they are not positive about listening to you and helping you to fix yourself.

You have to now be strong, weak people will have this inner fear (anxiety and panic attacks) forever if you let it get hold of you.