Tea Tree Oil – Antiseptic, Anti-Fungal, Antiviral

Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil obtained by steam distillation and extraction of the leaves from the Melaleuca tree in Australia. It is a clear essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor. Australian aboriginals used tea leaves for healing skin cuts, burns, sore throats, skin ailments and infection by crushing the leaves and applying them to the affected area.

Tea Tree Oil has been recognized as a potent antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antiviral product. It contains consignants called terpenoids, which have been found to have antiseptic and antifungal activity. The compound terpinen-4-ol is the most abundant and is thought to be responsible for most of the antimicrobial activity. This oil is used medically in treating various ailments, skin care and cosmetic products. Tea Tree Oil is used for the following conditions: acne, athlete's foot, dandruff, vaginitis, thrush, periodontal disease, as an antiseptic, boils, lice eczema, psoriasis, ear infection, sunburn, poison ivy, bee stings, insect bites and yeast infection. It has an anti-viral activity, especially with the herpes virus (cold sores, chicken pox, shingle blisters, and warts). It is also used as a first aid, body odor, jock itch, and in vapor therapy. While using in vapor therapy, this oil helps with colds, measles, sinusitis, and viral infections. Tea Tree Oil is a natural ingredient used almost exclusively externally.

Tea Tree Oil is a very powerful stimulant. It can combat the three categories of infectious organisms: bacteria, fungi and viruses. Many antibiotics today have increasing resistance. It has a complexity with over 100 identified natural compounds which makes it basically impossible for bacteria to build up a resistance.