Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatments


Lots of people get the occasional pimple or blackheads. But some of we lucky few really get with the program and have frequent or even ongoing problems with zits. Most people (over 85%) started getting pimples when they go through puberty. I think with all those hormones raaging, it was probably nature's way of keeping down the population until we have enough sense to be parents. And though most people stop having skin problems after a few years, many continue to have outbreaks well into their 50s and beyond. Now let me tell you about my tea tree oil acne treatment.

I do not know about you, but I had enough already! It was time to clear things up naturally before there were nasty little permanent reminders of those not so lovely spots all over my face. But I did not want to smear a bunch of harsh chemicals on my face and I did not want to take a bunch of pills and most important, I did not want to spend a bunch of money. I did not want much did I?

Well as it turns out it was not all that hard to do. Thanks to the internet I did a little research and was able to come up with this tea tree oil acne treatment and I'm gonna share. First we need to understand a little about the what causes our acne. You see, pimples are not just ugly; they are actually little infected pores all over our faces.

Everybody produces sebum on their skin and most specifically on their face. It's an oily fat that your body produces to moisturize your skin and hair. We're all glad we have it because it makes us look all glowing and softens our skin and keeps us from looking like dried up old prunes. But sometimes it mixes with dead skin cells and hunkers down in a nice cozy skin pore. Then sometimes it turns black and becomes those lovely blackheads we have to NOT PICK AT and sometimes it plugs the pore and a bacterial infection develops in the pore below and makes cute little red pimples. Sounds nice and colorful right?

So to get rid of these little pains, you need a one-two punch. First you need to keep your skin exfoliated. (Here all the guys say this sounds like a girl thing.) But it is really simple. You simply need some glycolic acid to put on your face to help keep the dead skin off. Do not worry; glycolic acid is made from sugar, so it is not some sort of horrible chemical. Then you just dab a tea tree oil acne treatment on your skin to kill all the nasty bacteria and fungus.

And in short order you can say goodbye to acne forever. Do not worry this treatment is very easy to use and in fact you can make both tea tree oil treatment and the glycolic acid treatment yourself. Either way, there is no reason to suffer with acne anymore and no reason to use harsh chemicals.