Tea Rinse For Hair Growth

You've got surprised what's in your kitchen cupboards that can increase the growth rate of your hair. In particular, tea (with caffeine) is not only great for drinking, but it's also been linked in research to contribute to hair growth. How is this possible? Well, the caffeine alleviates the hair follicles as well as block DHT (hormone responsible for hair loss and male pattern baldness). It also slows down the rate of hair fall as well as reduces shedding.

Other benefits include increase thickness, produces hair that is so lush and cotton soft.

Tea Rinse Recipes

Recipe to use after taking out a sew-in weave or braids:

4 cups of hot water, swish the tea bag around until the water turns color, let it sit and cool. Put on hair and let it sit for a few minutes and comb through hair. Results – easy detangling, less breakage, and less shedding.

Recipe for hair loss – mix black tea with a bit of lemon juice, apply to hair, massage into scalp, and follow up by shampooing.

Use tea as a final rinse after your weekly shampoo and conditioning regimen

Holistic recipe books recommend nettle tea as a rinse for your strands. Nettle tea although it does not have caffeine in it is said to promote hair growth and strengthens your tresses. This is due to it's stimulating properties. Steep tea bags or put loose herbs in a pot of hot water, let it sit for more than two minutes, then infuse with essential oils such as peppermint and rosemary. Nettle can also be mixed with aloe vera and horsetail to create a homemade hair strengener.

Nettle tea tonic for soft and glossy hair – nettles, quart of water, allow water to begin to simmer, add one handy of nettles, allow to the nettles to simmer in the water for at least 2 hours. Once mixture has cooled, strain, and put in a bottle. Use a scalp treatment and apply every other night. Be sure to make a fresh batch every three days or so as this does not have a long shelf life.

Recipe for Fine Hair – shampoo hair (make sure the hair and scalp are clean), apply a protein treatment, rinse with something that is moisturizing, gently squeeze excess water from hair, pour tea rinse on hair making sure to get your scalp, apply moisturizing conditioner, deep condition for 25-30 minutes, rinse the tea / conditioner combo out of hair, apply your leave-in and style as normal (roller set or other protective style)


If used more than once per week, you may experience dryness, be sure to rinse out the tea and always incorporate moisture into your regimen.

May experience better results using black or nettle tea