Tea Oil Treatment – Who Needs Tea Tree Oil Toenail Fungus Killer?

Toenail fungus exactly? – Toenail fungus also known as Onychomycosis is a eukaryotic organism invisible to the naked eye, that gains entry through a nail or skin break in the toe nail. The fungi loves the warmth of the environment created by shoes and socks growing, multiplying and spreading the organism. Patients suffering from this painful and embarrassing condition are the ones who needs tea tree oil toenail fungus killer, the ultimate no mess or no fuss treatment.

Fungus symptoms- Toe nail fungus symptoms are the only visible part of the medical condition, taking the form of nails breakages, crumbling, spots and discoloration varying from white, yellow, brown and even black. The nail can also separate from the nail bed. Swelling, discomfort and pain are also common symptoms associated with the infection.

Areas affected- Both hand- and toe nails can be affected by the infection. However it is more common on toenails because of the lovely warm breeding ground created. The fungus is unfortunately not isolated to the feet and hands alone, any area of ​​the body is open to infection.

How is the condition spread? – Nail fungus is spread in damp, wet and normally warm environments such as showers, pools, saunas, spas and gyms. Any apparel keeping the feet from totally drying-out, immune deficiency and medical conditions such as Diabetes will increase your chances of contracting and developing the condition significantly. The fungus can also spread from one toe to another if not treated with tea tree oil toenail fungus killer.

How do you prevent contracting the fungus? – Prevention is always the preferred choice. Keep your feet neat, tidy and clean by washing regularly and drying them off properly. Disinfect all manicure and pedicure tools every time you use them. By just taking care of your hands and feet you will be able to successfully prevent nail infection. Make sure that you wear clean, protective gear when using showers, gyms, saunas, spas and other public facilities. Do not wear or borrow other people's shoes, sandals or socks.

Natural fungus treatment- Natural treatments are highly recommended especially in the form tea tree oil toenail fungus killer. Researchers have found solid proof that tea tree oil is highly effective for treating numerous skin conditions as well as general skin care. The oil soothes the itch and irritation associated with the fungal condition as well as killing the nail fungus.