Tea and Baby Boomers – Tea As a Building Block to Maintaining Good Health

The generation of Americans called, for want of a better term, “baby boomers” are getting older and health issues are now a factor in maintaining quality of life.

The “baby boomers” who are classified as those Americans born directly after World War II in the period 1945 – 1950 represent an large segment of the population because of the disruption in the birth rate caused by the dislocation of World War II. As they get older, maintenance of good health and a healthy lifestyle becomes paramount in their existence.

Health Problems

The major health problems today faced by almost all members of the population and particularly “baby boomers’ fall into three major categories:

  • Heart Disease
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Cancer

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the major killer of Americans and affects almost every American family. But the chances of heart problems increase with age. Heart disease includes heart attacks, strokes and other cardio vascular problems. High blood pressure or Hypertension is also a significant cardio vascular problem.

Type II Diabetes

Generally linked to obesity, Type II Diabetes is a major problem affecting the general population and particularly “baby boomers”. It can be fatal in many cases and seriously reduces the quality of life.


Cancer comes in many forms and all forms are serious. Although medical treatment has significantly improved in recent times, prevention is still the best cure. Some of the most preventable forms of cancer are colon and prostrate cancer and these two forms are major threats to “baby boomers”

Modern Medicine

Modern medicine, coupled with breakthroughs in research has dramatically improved the odds on surviving all three major health issue faced by “baby boomers”. Nevertheless prevent is the bedrock of a quality lifestyle and good health. No matter how successful the treatment, it is always best to avoid the onset of disease.

What Do All These Major Diseases Have In Common?

Many types of heart disease and cancer can be prevented and type II diabetes can be avoided by maintaining a healthy life style that includes proper diet, regular exercise, reduction of stress techniques and periodic medical checkups. All these techniques are interrelated but proper diet is particularly important because of the contaminants in our environment and the adulteration with harmful chemicals of modern food processing.

Our modern food processing techniques rely of the addition of harmful chemicals and unsafe amounts of sodium and other preservatives in an effort to make our food convenient and appealing. Over the long run these products can degrade overall health and make consumers vulnerable to major diseases.

The inclusion of sugars and other flavorings also increase the chances of type II diabetes.

What is Considered a Healthy Diet?

A healthy diet is considered by most medical professionals as the first step to good health. Most doctors agree that a healthy diet is one that includes greater amounts of fruits and vegetables, high fiber, and reduced amounts of red meat. Processed foods, high sodium foods, sugar based beverages and coffee should be avoided.

Tea is a great substitute as a beverage because it is high in antioxidants and low in caffeine. Tea comes in many varieties and delicious flavor and can be consumed and enjoyed without the use of sugar. Drinking at least 5 cups a day is a good way to elevate good health and a sense of well being. Tea also has been used throughout history to restore health, reduce stress and support stress reduction techniques.

The health benefits of tea are well documented throughout history. Tea emerged over 5,000 years ago as a health drink and the anti-oxidants and polyphenols have helped millions of people restore good health and maintain a healthy life style. Tea also became popular as a pleasant tasting drink any time of the day.

Baby Boomers, start living a health lifestyle through proper diet, regular exercise, reduction of stress and regular check ups. Cure disease by avoiding it in the first place.