Tattoos – Good, Bad, or Ugly, They Are Good Business!

If my Mom had ever seen a tattoo anywhere on my body she would have had an apoplexy! I would then have received a whooping from the front and back of her hand that was delivered to the beat of whatever song was playing on the radio at the time. That's the time in your life when you start to appreciate the qualities of a slow waltz as against the frantic timing of the "Flight of the Bumblebee".

So to this day, whenever I see tattoo's on anyone, I just wonder what sort of tune was playing when their parents saw the new "Tat" for the first time.

But there has to be something to this wanting to tattoo your body permanently with primarily blue or black ink, that I just do not get, or again it's that ingrained fear thing on my part.

We used to think that it was sailors who were the only ones getting "Tats" but boy has that changed. A couple of weeks ago I was driving home around midday on a Saturday and passed my local tattoo parlor to see a line of about 50 people around the building waiting to get in. That kinda blew me away, but that was nothing like the feeling I had when I came home again late that evening, about 10 o'clock, after dining with friends, only to see the line around the same tattoo parlor to be even longer.

So I called the Millennium Tattoo Parlor to find out what the heck was going on and I must tell you these guys really get it as far as promoting their business.

You see, the date that I saw the line going around their building was a Friday 13th, and on any Friday 13th you can get a tattoo for $ 13 plus a $ 7 tip. The net result is that on any Friday 13th at the Millennium Tattoo Parlor you will find a line around the building.

This promotion is amazing, they get a whole bunch of new user of their services by making the price of entry very low. In addition, they are continually getting these users to become repeat customers as the whole thing about tattoo's has moved from being a "separatist" or "different" to becoming a "Belonger" along with everyone else.

The lesson is this, in a down economy, attract new users, give them a reason to try your product and a way that they can do it without breaking the bank. Then make sure that you look after them and continue give them reasons to repeat doing business with you.