Tantric Method For Curing Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to maintain an erection for a long enough period to complete sexual intercourse. It affects many men and there are many underlying medical and psychological reasons behind erectile dysfunction. If you do suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is important that you first check with your doctor to determine if any pre-existing physiological problem exists for the dysfunction.

That said, let’s talk about Vajroli Mudra. This is an ancient Tantric exercise that helps with erectile dysfunction. To keep it simple, we won’t go into the exact muscles and physiology involved. This exercise is also good for the kidneys, for the bladder (and urinary incontinence), and also is a great way to increase blood flow to the sexual organs (in both men and women – though we’re focusing on men with this article).

To perform the exercise, it is best to drink lots of water, but this is not necessary, as this exercise can be accomplished anytime one has to urinate.

While urinating, cut off the flow of urine midstream. At the same time, focus on contracting your anal sphincter and contracting your abdominal muscles at the same time. Release and let the urine flow again. Then contract again, the anus and abdominal muscles while you stop the urine flow. Release. Repeat the exercise during the entire session of urination.

This will help with erectile dysfunction, in most cases, if there is not an underlying physical or psychological component to the dysfunction. The Tantrists use this exercise to increase penile erectiveness for long periods of time. This allows them to have sex for a greater length of time.

One way to accentuate this exercise is to perform it while you are standing on the tips of your toes with the back part of your foot elevated. But make sure your balance is good, as you don’t want to fall over during this exercise.

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