Taking Action in the Face of Your Fears

Right now it sees that we live in an anxiety-based society. Are you living with anxiety … or letting it go?

There are ways to overcome anxiety and get over fear, no matter what appears to be going on in your life and your world. I'll tell you about those in a minute.

People not only in the US, but worldwide, are facing challenges that are unpresented in their own lifetime, but also unique in modern times in their societies.

We have rarely faced the illusion that we call money like we are facing it today. Illusion? Sure. Otherwise, why would not its value be stable? Money really has always been a made-up concept, but till slowly we have chosen to put blinders on and pretended that it was real. Now faced with homes and lodgings that we are paying high rates for – but that it seems are only worth pennies on those dollars – we are obligated to face reality: money is an illusory value! Real estate is not as real as we had presumed, either … and for new and more especially long-time home owners who have sunk lots of cash into their homes and properties, this is indeed unnerving.

We have rarely in our lifetimes (I'm a baby-boomer) faced such a deeply unsettling recession that no one is willing to call a depression. Again, we're avoiding reality, believing that not naming names will change what is happening in the arenas of employment and wealth-creation through entrepreneurship.

When things like these "2 little situations" of home defaults and joblessness / lack of business come upon us, we start to notice other breaches in the wall of our bliss.

We may notice that our health is not as solid as we'd previously presumed! When times are good, people's stress levels are low. When stress levels are low or non-existent, health can flourish – because it is now well-known that negative emotions (stress tops that list of health-destroying feelings!) Create illness and unwellness. Seeing that our bodies are suffering makes us worry and stress out all the more, and it is a spiral downward of more poor health and unwellness.

We may also notice that our friends and family supporters are not who we thought they were. Oh, boy! If you are witnessing that friends are turning their backs on you in your hard times, it is like a kick in the gut. Another reality check, indeed – because who do we ever go to for help in hard times but close friends and family?

Then, when we feel really sour, we blame the elected and appointed officials with whatever we have entrusted the good management of our national and local resources. We get even more upset when we hear them debating non-essential issues and avoiding (can not make pre-electric waves!) The core issues that we, the electorate, are facing on a daily basis.

So what has gone wrong in the end? Well, a number of things that I personally would sum up like this: We have given up the responsibility about how we interact with our Self and our life.

We have floated along unquestioningly. We have accepted that there is that new set of laws (but do not they seem counter-productive?); We have accepted our way of handling and using money, and being taxed (but everyone says this is just how it is); We have blindly looked away as law-makers, friends and family have controlled our vast array of choices and whittled them away to virtually no choices at all (but what could I – just one person – have done about it anyway?).

So, enough about the problem! Yikes! Let's get to the solution, what people around me are calling "the answer to everything".

The solution is to take back your personal power – pick up that responsibility for your life and living again – and turn things around for you . Because when you turn things around in your own experience, it starts a tidal wave of change in those around you.

The way you make a change is to learn how to let go of 3 things: that noisy voice in your head that talks to you of disaster from morning till night; Those nasty, negative feelings (emotions) of doom that make you believe that nothing can change and that you are never going to make it; Those mental pictures (still shots and movies) that play on that movie screen of the mind and that represent much less your dreams about the life you should be living, but the nightmares of how life will be if no changes are made right now!

So to sum it up, here are the 3 negativities to be erased:

1. The mind's incessant chatter, which is mostly negative, and certainly yields no permanent positive solutions for anyone.

2. The pent-up, mostly sabotaging and negative, feelings that churn in your throat and tummy – making you feel awful and clouding your judgment and blocking your ability to act wisely.

3. Those mental movies of doom that make you beat yourself up for past decisions (bad ones, say the pictures) and make you fear the unknown that is your future.

Would not life be calmer, and your mind more peaceful if you could just erase those 3 things? Maybe the outside world will not change overnight, yet you can immediately change how you think about it and act in it. It would be a much more productive use of your energies and efforts if you could approach your issues with:

  • A clear mind
  • A sharp focus on preferred positive outcomes
  • A process that helps you create your preferred life

It is possible to face your fears and let them go. It is possible to overcome anxiety and let it go forever. It is possible to move from fear and anxious feelings about life into total harmonious peace – no matter what appears to be going on around you.

Peace of mind is at hand with Releasing. Releasing? I'm speaking of a systematized way of permanently letting go of those 3 negativities from your life. ARC-A Realized Community presents "the answer to everything" (as some of ARC's friends have been saying), and shows you how to take back control over your life in ARC's Foundational Course for Living Your Potential® .