Take Steps to Curb Growth Of Bird Flu Virus

In the recent years, Avian Bird Flu has come out as one of the most deadly diseases, troubling the domesticated birds in large. Till date no vaccination or medication is ready against this life threatening viral disease. Scientists from all over the world are working in direction of formulating a flu vaccination. The vaccine if developed would be very effective against any of the strains of the bird flu virus.

Through various studies it has been found that there are various strains and subtypes of these deadly viruses which are solely responsible for causing a havoc in the healths of the birds. All the viruses different from each other. They vary in their genetic composition and then cause varying effects after multiplying in the host body. Some of them show minute symptoms like high fever, vomiting and nausea while the others can cause organ failure or even the death of the host body.

These viruses are found to mutate very quickly and thereby take the shape of more deadly and harmful viruses. Usually bird flu virus does not infect the human body. But H5N1 is a kind of virus that is known to exist in the mucous membranes of the human body. This is responsible for making humans the victim of bird flu.

The bird flu virus is transported by the wild and the migratory birds like water fowl and ducks. But these carriers are not at all affected by this harmful virus. Strange but its true. The mutation rate of this virus is very fast. They can mutate in seconds to give rise to a new form of virus, which can be even more deadlier than its parent cells.

Prevention is always better than cure. That is, taking a few steps you can fight against the bird flu and prevent it from spreading further. Of them the most easiest one is to maintain cleanliness in your surrounding areas. Even proper cooking of chicken can kill the virus causing bird flu.