Tackling the 5 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions: Part III

To help gear up for the new year, we’ve been taking a look at common resolutions along with tips for making and keeping them. The most common issue with a New Year’s resolution is being overly ambitious-it’s much easier to gradually work towards a goal or starting an easy habit like nightly use of NeriumAD. Some other common problems with New Year’s resolutions include:

· Quitting cold turkey

With the two general types of resolutions, starting something or stopping something, quitting something cold turkey is the equivalent of being overly ambitious when starting a new activity. Stopping a behavior cold-turkey just isn’t always reasonable. Saying you’ll never eat sugar or carbs again isn’t something you’ll likely be able to stick to for the rest of your life, and then indulging once may cause frustration with keeping the goal up. Instead, cut down gradually-if you’re an all-day soda sipper, cut it down by half, then one a day, then make a weekly goal. This minimizes the chances for a relapse, rebelling against harsh restrictions, or going cold-turkey on your resolution all together.

· Making vague goals

Often, failed New Year’s resolutions just aren’t specific enough. When you’re making a general goal such as eating better or being more active, it’s hard to stick to it without any measurable requirements. Set a goal such as hitting the gym three times a week, eating two more servings of vegetables a day, or cutting it down to a single cup of coffee in the morning.

Or, pick a resolution that’s easy to develop into a habit. In our last post, we discussed how tackling the goal of reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles can be difficult using a method like booking appointments with a dermatologist. This method can take a lot of time, and it’s hard to depend on the availability of your doctor to fit appointments into your schedule regularly. Instead, add a simple step to an existing routine-such as applying NeriumAD every night before you go to bed. Soon, you’ll be improving the appearance of your wrinkles as regularly as you brush your teeth or kiss the kids good night; this way, your habit is hard to forget and there’s no temptation to skip. Besides, with ingredients like Nerium oleander extract, NeriumAD is a scientifically proven way to achieve results.

· Environment

If you’re immersed in an environment that makes your New Year’s resolution difficult to keep, you’ll be tempted more often. You can’t always avoid this, but becoming aware of the challenge can make it easier. If everyone in your office drinks coffee, or your friends always order dessert, keep in mind that being around these activities will make it seem like breaking your resolution is unavoidable-it’s not necessarily that your goal itself is getting too hard, just that you’re tempted more often.