Symptoms Related to High Cholesterol

Many people are unaware about there bodies cholesterol level for the most part of there life or even sometimes not knowing at all. If you want to prevent problems occurring that can could be fatal if unattended too then you should visit your local doctor for a cholesterol test. In the USA a large percentage of people suffer from high cholesterol so it is no wonder heart disease is one of the main killers over here.

A high cholesterol is something that is more internal rather than other various disorders that can be recognised by visual inspection. Unless you have had a heart attack or stroke or visited your doctor for a test you will not know whether you suffer from a high cholesterol, and in some of these cases I have mentioned it can be fatally too late.

When you visit your local doctor or medical group they will draw a sample of blood to be measured for the amount of lipids included in that sample. If the results come back with a lipid count more than 230 then you will be advised by your doctor to seriously change your lifestyle for the better.

There is a high risk list of individual types that are considered prone to develop a high cholesterol these include the following

  • If you are from African or hispanic descent.
  • You have lived a very sedimentary lifestyle
  • You are aged over 32 years
  • You suffer from disorders such as diabetes and thyroid problems.

Those are some of the few groups of people that could potentially suffer from high cholesterol problems, and if you find yourself in that group you should immediately seek for a test to be taken.

What happens if I do not seek treatment?

If you do not seek medical assistance and you suffer from high cholesterol the consequences can be fatal. This is your life and you should take responsibility for it, do so my taking a test and implementing the advice given to you by your doctor. If you do not, you are prone to heart attacks, strokes, heart disease and the worst of all, death.