Symptoms of Yeast Infections – Quick Facts


Yeast infections share some symptoms with other ailments. For your best interests as well as anyone you may be sexually active with, you need to examine more than the symptoms of yeast infections. First of all, let me assure you that it is exceedingly rare that you can give another person this disease. If you heard or read this anywhere, your source is incorrect. The medical community lumps a lot of different things under the label of “vaginitis” and causes common laymen confusion.

You can experience temporary irritations similar symptoms of yeast infections. Things that can cause itching and burning in the vaginal area when no infection is present would be harsh soaps, a change in laundry detergent and feminine sprays you might be allergic to. These types of irritations will be very short lived once you eliminate the source of the burning or inflammation. Be sure to always rinse soap off well, even gentle bath soap can cause temporary vaginitis without infection.

Yeast infections do not transfer between sexual partners. However, some STD’s do share some of the same symptoms. STD’s are not caused by fungal microorganisms, but by bacterias and parasites. Parasites are aggressive little hitchhikers. Fungi are placid plant forms that only spread when your own body gives the perfect environment to multiply.

– Trich is not a yeast overgrowth. This parasite is highly aggressive with a marked difference of the discharge being a foamy greenish to yellow. Yeast discharge is white and lumpy.

– HPV has a bloody discharge and will often go totally undetected hidden deep inside. You will have no lumps or bumps with a this disease.

– Genital herpes does not include a discharge. The itching and burning begins up to several days prior to a spotty outbreak of lesions.

– Bacterial vaginosis is not transmittable. There is a distinct fishy odor along with a thin milky like discharge.

– Chlamydia infection is bacterial or it would not be treatable with antibiotics. There is no discharge with this infection. Take a home test before having sex so you are sure you know what your next step best taken will be.