Symptoms of Vaginal Thrush

Symptoms of vaginal thrush (also called a vaginal yeast infection) can be extremely uncomfortable, painful and embarrassing. Just ask anyone who has ever had to endure living with a yeast infection of the vagina. About 75 percent of all women at some point in their lives are diagnosed with a vaginal thrush infection. This article will review the tell-tale signs and symptoms of this disease.

Vaginal Thrush Symptoms – Itching and Burning

In the early stages of a vaginal yeast infection, a rash develops in the genital area – close to the vaginal opening. The rash is bumpy and raised – and it is usually blotchy in color – with a combination of pink and white. Initially, the itching is just a nuisance and the woman might not think much of it. Soon, if left untreated, the rash becomes more irritated and travels further away from the vaginal cavity – up throughout the labia and lips of the vagina. Soon, it becomes painful to urinate. It also becomes painful to have sex.

Symptoms Of Vaginal Thrush – Discharge and Smell

Some women experience a discharge coming from the vagina that is cottage-cheese in consistency. In some cases, the discharge has a foul, fishy smell. If a woman is having discharge, she might want to use a sanitary pad to keep her underwear dry – however in some cases the pad may further irritate the yeast rash.

Vaginal Thrush Symptoms – Sores, Blisters and Lesion

As the thrush in the vagina gets worse, sores, blisters and lesions begin to form in the areas where the rash was present. These sores become quite painful. If left untreated, the blisters and lesions can crack – and in severe cases bleeding can occur. It is unusual for a vaginal yeast infection to not be diagnosed at this point, however it can happen – however these certainly would be signs that you should contact your physician.