Symptoms of The Menstruation Cycle

Many women experience different symptoms of the menstruation cycle that can affect their everyday life. Some of these symptoms can be excruciating while others are more or less annoying. The more severe symptoms might require a visit to your doctor to see what kind of medications you can take to ease them. The more annoying symptoms might require you to take some over the counter medications that will help ease them back into a more appropriate level that you can manage on your own. Whichever ones you experience, just know that there are things you can do to help make it through them.

Some of the most common symptoms of the menstruation cycle will be bloating and cramping. The bloating is caused by your body retaining water to help in the evacuation and recycling of your endometrial tissue. It also helps bring oxygen into your uterus to help blood flow and the creating of new tissues. The cramping is caused by your body trying to push the tissue out so that it can be replaced. These two are some of the more annoying symptoms, although the cramping can be quite severe for some women during their periods.

Other symptoms of the menstruation cycle can occur before you start your period. These symptoms can include an excessive amount of acne suddenly appearing. This is due to the hormones in your body starting to kick into overdrive to prepare your system for your period. It is also a sign that your period is about to start at any moment and you should be prepared. You might find that you become a bit more irritable during the days preceding your period as well, and this is also another huge sign that your period is about to begin so that you can take the steps to make it through.

Some symptoms of the menstruation cycle can be pretty bad for many women. The hormonal imbalance that you experience can cause some women to fall into a deep depression or have manic episodes that can be scary at times. This is actually a normal reaction during this time of the month and you shouldn’t be too worried about it. Of course, there are medications and herbal remedies that you can use in order to help you make it through this time and keep your mood in a manageable area if it gets too bad for you to handle.

If you do experience any symptoms of the menstruation cycle that become too over whelming for you to handle, you can always talk to your doctor about different things you can try. There are medications that are available these days that can actually stop you from having a period, or at least cut them down to only a couple a year. This will reduce any chances of you getting pregnant as well so you should be sure that you do not want to have children while using these medications or treatments. In addition, some might have some pretty bad side effects that occur.