Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

If you suspect that you may have sleep deprivation, seek help immediately. Sleep deprivation should not be left untreated. If untreated you could be putting yourself and your family at risk.

Sleep deprivation is something that can be improved. However in order to seek help for improvement you must be able to recognize the symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms are:

. Tiredness

. Irritability and nervousness

. Inability to tolerate stress

. Problems with concentration and memory

. Behavioral learning or social problems

. Frequent infections

. Blurred vision

. Rage of discomfort

. Change in appetite

. Lack of tolerance

When you suffer from exhaustion or fatigue your emotional state of mind is affected. This means you could be experiencing feelings of sadness, anger, stress and mood swings all for no apparent reason.

The brain’s frontal cortex relies on sleep to function correctly. Without enough sleep the frontal cortex’s ability to control speech, access memory and solve problems is affected. When it’s needed to solve a problem for you it is unable to do so. Sleep deprivation should be taken seriously as it can become a life threatening situation.

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