Symptoms Of Sciatica – Problems With A Pinched Sciatic Nerve


Sciatica is a medical problem starts of in your hip and can cause severe pain all the way down your leg to the foot. Very often it causes pain to the knees and lower parts of the leg.

Sufferers can experience irritating feelings of numbness, dull ache or even intensely disturbing shooting pains. The body’s nervous system is extremely complex and the sciatic nerves are the longest and thickest nerves in the whole body.

They run down each leg from the lower back, ending at the toes. This complex nerve joins the spinal column at the lower back and unfortunately it is quite easy to become pinched or compressed, especially as we grow older. This can lead to severe pain known as sciatica.

If you are suffering from pain, anywhere from the lower back to the feet then it could be due to the sciatic nerve becoming pinched. There are many reasons why the sciatic nerve may start to play up and cause pain and unfortunately it can often be put down to old age.

As we grow older our spine is one part of our bodies that can start to have problems. The nerves that pass through it can sometimes become pinched or pressed causing sciatica.

Injury of course can aggravate the problems greatly. Herniated discs are a major cause of sciatic nerve pain. Lack of exercise, sitting or standing for long periods together with lifting things incorrectly can trigger a bout of pain that can take a long time to clear up.

Once it happens it can return easily once the nerve is pinched again. Herniated discs cause a bulge between the spinal vertebrae and this bulge can press on the sciatic nerve causing intense pain.