Symptoms of Renal Calculi

Experiencing chronic pain at the lower side of your back? Do not take such a symptom lightly. It may be a sign of renal calculi. Renal calculi are commonly called kidney stones. These are crystalline materials that form, through time, in the urinary system. If not diagnosed early, it can cause failure of the renal system. This can result in life threatening blood poisoning.

Many people have kidney stones but most particles are small. They are allowed to pass the renal tubes without being felt. However, there are cases when the stones are too big. They can either block ur flow flow or scrape the walls of the urinary vessels. Both may lead to severe pain, poisoning or infection.

Urine color can be affected by renal calculi. Blood may be mixed with the urine, causing it to be reddish or pinkish. There is also a burning sensation when urinating. The patient usually urinates more often, but at smaller amounts. This is due to the cuts of the urinary vessels.

As the stones pass through the system, the patient may feel a searing pain at the sides of the lower abdomen. The pain feels like cramping or slicing. This sensation may spread to other abdominal regions, then to the groin. It may be accompanied by vomiting and nausea.

If there is fever, the patient must be brought immediately to the hospital. This is a sign of blood infection.

Upon experiencing these symptoms, the patient should increase water intake. This will help in passing the renal calculi. If the pain and urinary blood persist, medical attention should be immediately taken.