Symptoms of Panic Attacks – Common Symptoms

Suffering from a panic attack is a unique experience that can cause the patient to experience physical symptoms which manifest from psychological issues. These symptoms are fairly common among people that experience panic and anxiety on a regular basis. It is one of the few common disorders where people have physical symptoms caused by a psychological situation.

Learning to identify the symptoms of the panic attack can be an effective way to diagnose the situation and allow the patient to realize and come to terms that they are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Common symptoms of a panic may include:

o An increased heart rate. In most cases, the patient describes a quick heart rate that seems to feel as if the heart is beating extra hard. The rapid heartbeat is one of the first signs that are used to diagnose a panic attack.

o There are often sensations of dizziness or feeling light headed, which leaves the person experiencing the attack finding it difficult to process thoughts and feelings.

o There are often changes within the skin, such as the patient becoming pale or the patient experiencing a hot feeling on the skin. There have also been cases where the patient experiences a redness of the skin.

o Hot flashes. The person experiencing the panic attack may experience an instant sensation of hotness which occurs through the time in which the panic is being experienced. There are often remedies such as splashing cold water on the face which can be effective in decreasing the hotness which is often felt when a patient experiences an attack.

o Shortness of breath. This may include the patient feeling as if they are unable to breathe during the time they experience the anxiety. This is often one of the first symptoms that can accompany the increased heart rate of the panic attack. This can be quelled with the use of proper breathing techniques that are used through the panic attack such as taking long and slow breaths to ensure that the breathing becomes regulated.

These are all very common symptoms that are experienced by those suffering from panic attacks. Although the symptoms may be different for each patient, most often they include shortness of breath and a rapid heart rate. You may have deal with these symptoms for so long, that they almost seem normal now. That's how it was for me, until I looked up anxiety symptoms and found out that I had pretty severe anxiety. You can learn to overcome the panicky feelings and stop the anxiety.