Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts

Women with ovarian cysts have reported to have different symptoms of the ailment. The signs and symptoms vary from person to person and what may be a sign for one woman may not be the sign for another. Sometimes a sign may not clearly indicate the presence of cyst in a woman. This article deals with the different symptoms that denote that one might be under the risk of cyst. No matter what makes you feel that you are a victim of the disorder, you should make a point to visit the doctor before it is too late.

• One may have irregular menstruation which is an indication of cysts
• Severe pain during periods
• Rigorous bleeding of the lower abdomen
• Menstruation thinking for longer or shorter periods than usual. Menstruation might also be completely absent.
• Physical pain during intercourse or exercise.
• Heaviness or pressure inside the lower abdomen.
• Difficulty to urinate.
• Difficulty when the bowels move.
• Vomiting and nausea.
• Pain spreading to thighs and in some women it even reaches the lower back.
• Breasts becoming tender in pregnant women.

Apart from the above symptoms, there are endless other signs of ovarian cyst. Some signs are even confused with conditions like pregnancy. The most usual sign of ovarian cyst during pregnancy is tenderness of breasts. In women unable to conceive, infertility may also be an indication of ovarian cyst. Larger cysts are more hazardous as they get in the way to the blood flow to the ovaries and abdomen. If this becomes too severe, it may cause inflammation of the affected region and can be conspicuous too.

The pain that you will be experiencing due to ovarian cyst might be more or less dependent on how severe the infection is. Some cysts are symptomless and this is why women having such cysts show no signs and may not even have pains and since they are unaware that they carry a cyst in their ovary!

Within a few months the cysts shrink and disappear with proper treatment. The rate at which this shrinkage occurs depends on the method of treatment you have chosen and how well you follow it. So if you are already not eating too much junk food then you will not even be able to tell that you had cyst! From today it keep a track of what you eat.