Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts – When to Seek Emergency Medical Care

The symptoms of ovarian cysts are not to be ignored. Actually, if you have ovarian cysts the pain alone will probably drive you to the doctor's office regardless of how you may be.

While many cysts will disappear on their own over a period of time, there are occasions when immediate medical care is required. Cysts can rupture and cause significant bleeding both externally and internally. Left untreated they may become life threatening. If you display any of the following you should seek help at an emergency medical facility immediately:

  • Unexplained shoulder pain coupled with severe lower abdominal pain or pelvic pain.
  • Excessive thirst and need to frequently urinate.
  • Continuous vomiting or nausea.
  • Feeling false, light headed or dizzy while standing.
  • Fainting
  • Having a persistent fever.

If you display these symptoms you need to get medical help now. Putting it off will further endanger your health and may likely result in a surgical solution as opposed to less invasive therapy.

Ideally you will never face an emergency situation. Make sure you know the common symptoms of ovarian cysts and see your doctor for a diagnosis. An ultrasound and a series of blood tests is the only way to positively rule ovarian cysts in or out.

If you are diagnosed with cysts, then you need to have an informed discussion with your doctor as to what to do next. There are pluses and minuses to the traditional approach of drug therapy. Make sure you know what they are and how it may affect your particular situation.

Also be aware that there are natural therapies that focus on diet, exercise and relaxation.

It's your body. Become educated and become a true partner with your physician in determining what the best therapy for you is.