Symptoms of Heart Disease – The Silent Killer

“You’re experiencing the early stages of heart disease.” Unless you go for regular checkups and you have a doctor (and a health plan) that is VERY thorough, you are UNlikely to ever hear those words from your personal doctor.


Simple, heart disease is known as the “silent killer” because the disease, and it IS a disease, progresses symptom free for years until your body serves you notice – often through a heart attack or stroke.

Heck of a wake up call, eh?

Of course, in hind-sight there WERE plenty of warning signs – perhaps that diagnosis of diabetes (another nationwide epidemic), or “just” high blood sugar levels.

Before even those signs emerge, how about the over-sized waistline? Lack of ability to do what you “used to be able to do” (climb stairs, be physically active for more than 2 minutes duration, etc.)

And, what about your diet? Do you pay attention, no REALLY pay attention to what goes in your mouth? Ever think about “God made foods” in contrast to “man made foods”? Much research today shows that it DOES matter whether your daily choice is highly processed foods or NON-GMO raw foods that truly nourish your body and provide it with the nutrients and fiber it craves.

A good test – are you hungry within an hour or two of eating? If so, ask yourself, what *really* was the nutritional value of the meal you just wolfed down?

So, what is the answer?

Start thinking about the “end game” – what do you want your later years to be like? I personally spent several years in Florida caring for my dad as he approached his final days. I can share I saw his body slowly shut down from years of a sedentary lifestyle combined with a life of fast food this and canned food that. Get the idea?

And you know what? As I got to know other seniors in his community, his condition was better than others – many others!

Is it too late?

While I’m NOT an M.D., my answer is “probably not”. I am a firm believer in your bodies ability to heal itself IF you give it what it needs. And whats that? Real food and exercise!

A great book I’ve read in recent years is “Body By God” by Eric Lerner. He calls for what I’ve written about on my blog – something related to the “paleolithic diet” – a diet rich in real foods and not processed foods.