Symptoms Of Heart Disease – The Masters of Disguise

Statistic after statistic shows that heart disease is on the increase and yet most of us do not recognize the symptoms of heart disease.

The term Heart Disease covers a number of more specific diseases, which affect either the heart itself or the arteries supplying blood to the heart. However the common factor in 99% of heart disease is that it is progressive, and normally only comes to light when it is at an advanced stage or after a heart attack.

So although you may have heart disease and your arteries are becoming more and more blocked day-by-day it will take years to get to a stage that will cause problems in your day-to-day life. The early Symptoms Of Heart Disease will be so subtle that you will not be aware of them. As your arteries become more and more blocked your blood pressure will increase but this will not show as a physical symptom either. So now your arteries are blocking and your blood pressure is increasing, your heart is having to work harder to pump your blood around your body. But still you are unlikely to have any symptoms. You are blissfully unaware of what is going on in your body!

When you think of Heart Disease you probably think of something dramatic; someone who is so ill that they are severely restricted in what they can do; someone with angina pain; someone needing an operation; someone on daily medication.

The reality is that because the disease progresses so slowly, the symptoms in the early stages are very subtle. As your arteries narrow and your heart works harder then you may find that you feel tired or that you get breathless. You may only notice this when you are climbing stairs or walking briskly, but if it is unusual then you need to get yourself checked over.

However instead of consulting your doctor you are more likely to think that it is due to your being overweight or being unfit. You ignore these warning signs, you don’t change anything in your life and your arteries continue to narrow! If you take action in the early stages then you should be able to slow down or even stop the progression of any heart disease.

One of the most accurate indicators of the onset of heart disease is your blood pressure. A home blood pressure monitor is one of the best investments you can make in your health.. If you get into the habit of taking your blood pressure on a regular basis then you will notice if the readings are getting higher and you can consult your medical advisor.

Heart disease is preventable and controllable, but only if you realize that you have it!

Don’t take risks take action!