Symptoms of Heart Disease in Children

Symptoms of heart attack that manifest in children tend to be ignored or disregarded by parents or guardians, thus exposing the child to the ugly hands of severe uncontrolled heart attack. One noteworthy fact you must always keep in mind is that any infection or attack makes a child to another attack.

Symptoms of heart disease in children are highlighted below:

1. Failure of the child to gain weight

2. Loss of appetite

3. Unusual restlessness

4. Nose bleeding

5. Slight fever

6. Pains in the joints and muscles

7. The uncontrollable twitching of the muscle of face, arms and legs

The above are the known symptoms of heart disease but the one that must require urgent attention is rheumatic fever which develop heart disease. 1/3 of the victims show signs of heart damage but are able to lead normal or almost normal lives. On the other hand, 1/3 recover completely.

For the control of heart disease in children and adult as well, consider the following:

1. Avoidance of possible causes. The best ways to avoid this heart attack is to identify and treat the victim when the above symptoms occur.

2. Early diagnosis

3. Use of penicillin as protection or guard against infection or development of disease. It can also and prevent recurrences of the disease

4. Rest in bed throughout the active stage of the disease and continual medical supervision.

When it concerns the child, care has to be taken in managing a child’s health especially as it concerns the heart.