Symptoms Of Depression – A Natural Treatment To Cure It

Depression is the condition in which you feel intense sadness, or despair that takes you towards isolation. You do not get the feeling or desire to interact socially or indulge yourself in some or the other activity. You start feeling low, gloomy and dejected all the time which results in severe depression or clinical depression. Feeling sad for no reason is said to be one of the main symptoms for depression.

Now, what is depression in the medical sense?

Depression is the disturbance in the human nervous system or brain functioning caused by some chemical imbalance. But here the question arises, how will you discover that you are suffering from depression?

Here are few of the symptoms:

1. Loss of appetite accompanied by weight loss or increased appetite accompanied by weight gain

2. Insomnia or excessive sleep

3. Loss of interest and concentration

4. Loss of sexual drive

5. Stamina loss or a strong feeling of fatigue

6. Lack of self-confidence

7. Loss of decision-making

8. Pessimism or negativity

9. Insecurities and fears

10. Suicidal thoughts

11. Loss of expression

12. Isolation or no social interaction

13. Guilty about the past

14. Irritability

15. Hypersensitivity

And if you feel that you are suffering from any five of the above symptoms, then you need to do something. There are many ways to get rid of depression like going for a consultant or psychiatrist, or some psychological treatments or therapies. But these treatments will prove to be effective only if you try to keep a positive attitude.

Why to go for a doctor when you can treat yourself on your own. You are your own doctor! Be positive in your life and try to gain the confidence from inside because we do not realize that we spend our whole life on searching for those things which are already inside us. So, got my point, my friends!

At the end of the day, you have to do something for yourself. Then why not start now only!