Symptoms of Bells Palsy and Cures for Bells Palsy


The symptoms of Bells palsy are ischemia and compression of the facial nerve where it traverses through the narrow area of ​​the temporal bone, leading to numbness and paralysis of the face. This, in turn can lead to drooling of the mouth, inability to close an eye, teasing of the affected eye and impaired speech. The pathology behind this frightening disease is swelling of the seventh nerve from viral infection or immune disease. The onset of the symptoms of Bells palsy is abrupt and often accompanied with pain behind the ear or jaw angle on the paralyzed side.

Over 80% of afflicted patients will recover fully within a few weeks or months. There are a number of things you can do and take as cures for Bells palsy and speed the recovery process. Taking supplemental forms of B12, B1, B complex, Vitamin C and B3 support both a healthy nervous system and immune system. One of the best, natural supplements you can take to speed the recovery from this facial nerve disease is Mitochondria-ATP. Experiments using Mitochondrial ATP together with the vitamins of the B group show that this combination can have a measurable impact on the recovery from cranial nerve disease. The results showed that 100% of those patients who had a partial paralysis of the nerve, and up to 87% of those who had full paralysis recovered completely. In contrast, only 67% of patients treated with steroids recovered. The herb Avena sativa acts as a potent nerve tonic. Hypericum perforatum has proven effective in treating neural injuries. One important amino acid offers cures for Bells palsy. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an anti-inflammatory compound used in a variety of neurological diseases such as nerve injury and nerve weakness. Acetyl-L-Carnitine reduces damage due to free radicals, preserves production of energy within the nerve cells, and stabilizes the membrane of the nerve.

Other cures for this cranial nerve disease include facial movement mirror exercises, reciting vowels slowly and distinctly with precise lip movements and electrical stimulation to the face from a qualified health professional. Food and proper nutrition can speed the recovery time. Food cures for Bells palsy include egg yolk, kale, celery, fish, raw goat's milk, veal joint broth, cod roe, nutritional yeast and brewer's yeast.

Anyone suspecting they may be suffering from the symptoms of Bells palsy, should first have ruled out, Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome, any supranuclear lesions, middle ear or mastoid infections, any facial fractures, catastrophic invasion of the facial nerve or tumors and any invasive cranial nerve disease. Cranial or facial nerve disorders are not life threatening, however, there are natural measures you can take as cures for Bells palsy and to speed your recovery from the symptoms of Bells palsy and this unsightly, inconvenient and terrifying ailment.