Symptoms and Home Remedies for Tuberculosis or TB

A infection of the lungs, Tuberculosis is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The germ enters the body through the nose, mouth or windpipe and stays down in the tile lungs. The causes of tuberculosis include low resistance of the body, smoking, drinking and stress. The symptoms of this disease begin with cough and extend to chest pain, prolonged coughing and bringing out blood with cough. Fever, chills, sweating in the night, loss of appetite and weight loss are some other symptoms associated with tuberculosis. Though a brutal disease of the yester years, tuberculosis can now be successfully treated, even at home.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis


Only about 10 percent of those infected with TB develop the disease. The first symptoms of an active case of TB may be so commonplace that they are often dismissed as the effects of a cold or flu. The individual may get tired easily, feel slightly feverish or cough frequently. It usually goes away by itself, but about in about half the cases, it will return.

For people who have the disease, TB can cause lung or pleural (the lining of the lung) disease or it may spread through the body via the blood. Often people do not seek the advice of a doctor until they have pronounced symptoms, such as pleurisy (a sharp pain in the chest when breathing deeply or coughing) or the spitting up of blood. Neither of these symptoms is solely of tuberculosis, but they should not be ignored. Other symptoms include fever, loss of appetite, weight loss and night sweats.

About 15 percent of people with the disease develop TB in an organ other than the lung, such as the lymph nodes, GI tract, and bones and joints.

Home Remedies for Tuberculosis:

Indian gooseberry is most beneficial home remedy for tuberculosis. Indian gooseberry is commonly known as Amla and it gives energy and improves healthy capacity of vigorous activity. Take one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of fresh juice of amla. This mixture should be taken in the morning.

Juice of pineapple is also very much effective in tuberculosis. It dissolves mucus and thus gives fast result of recover. One should have daily one glass of pineapple juice. This is one of the useful home remedies for tuberculosis.

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Mint juice is also found very beneficial for treating tuberculosis. Take one teaspoon of mint juice, two teaspoon of honey, two teaspoon of pure malt vinegar, and 125 ml of carrot juice. These all things should be mixed and must be taken as a medicine. The dose must be taken three times a day. This not only dissolves the mucus, but also gives nourishment to lungs, vitality to body to fight against infection and also prevents hazardous effects of the drugs taken for tuberculosis.

Milk is the best and most easily available home remedy for tuberculosis. Calcium is the main thing that needs in treatment of tuberculosis. In addition, milk is nothing but richest source of calcium. At least four to five liters of milk must be consumed daily. You can start it slowly, and by increasing the amount, you can reach up to four to five liters per day.

Custard apple is considered as most beneficial remedy for tuberculosis. It re vitalizes the body. Twenty to twenty five seedless raisins and pulp of custard apple must be boiled in water on low flame. Gas must be off when it remains one third, filter it, add two teaspoon of powdered sugar, a pinch of cardamom, cinnamon. This is very relief giving drug. This is one of the best home remedies for tuberculosis

Vegetable like bottle gourd is found to be very much valuable drug to treat tuberculosis. Consumption of cooked bottle gourd regularly is much beneficial and even increases immunity to fight against infection.

Banana is also found to be valuable remedy for tuberculosis.

Drumstick leaves soup is considered much beneficial drug in treatment of tuberculosis. Take handful of leaves of drumstick, boil it in 200 ml of water for about five min. then should allow it to become cool, then add limejuice, pepper and salt. Moreover, this soup must be consumed daily morning at empty stomach. This is one of the common home remedies for tuberculosis

Orange is also found as a valuable to treat tuberculosis. One glass full of orange juice must be taken, one tablespoon of honey and a pinch of salt must be added. One should take this juice daily to nourish there lungs and regain vitality.