Symptoms and Effects of Chronic Insomnia

Chronic insomnia or wakefulness has been discussed for many centuries. This is a terrible condition where one is deprived or has an inability to sleep. It is also perceived as a condition where a person cannot get enough rest every time they sleep.

Wakefulness has many different causes such as depression, anxiety disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, stress, allergies, heart disease, hypertension, epilepsy, BPH, rheumatism, etc. It may also be caused by other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. But no matter what the cause of chronic insomnia is, it will always have the same symptoms and effects.

One of the many symptoms of chronic insomnia is difficulty sleeping. Every night, a person suffering from this chronic condition will have difficulty falling asleep. Insomniacs also tend to wake up several times during the night. Thus, it also prevents them from getting enough sleep at night. Individuals with chronic insomnia also feel tired even after sleeping. They also tend to wake up at early hours.

As a result, an insomniac will experience many different things. First, many people suffering from this condition enter into a state of depression and are always irritable. Many also develop anxiety disorders as a result of this sleeping problem. Thus, it prevents them from forming a good relationship with other individuals.

People with this condition also have impaired alertness and have low reaction abilities. They also lack the ability to focus, thus, their performance at school or at work is also diminished. Insomniacs also feel constant fatigue and suffer from muscle pains.

Insomniacs usually feel sleepy during the day. Many, if not all of them, fall asleep even while performing their daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, working or driving their vehicles. In fact, many motor vehicle accidents are due to low reaction rates of the driver or the driver may have fallen asleep while driving.

Fortunately, there are many different effective treatments for chronic insomnia. Most of these treatments have been practiced and recommended for many years such as meditation. Don’t let yourself suffer from chronic insomnia anymore, go to or to learn more about meditation and its many health benefits.