Sweat, Blood & Protein – Build Muscle 102 – To Gym Or Not to Gym

The first decision you'll need to make when embarking on a body building program is whether to train at a gym or at home.


1. Cost – You might wonder why I have listed this as an advantage. How I see it is if I have paid out a lump sum to join a gym and signed up for a years membership I'm going to make sure I go and make the most of my money. To me, having to pay is a great motivator.

2. Social – Gyms are busy, crowded, noisy places where there's no room to be shy. You'll be changing and showering with other people and in close proximity to people when you are exercising. If you are a social, gregarious person then this could be for you. If not, you may find it uncomfortable and a bit intimidating.

3. Equipment – Most modern gyms will have a bewildering array of machines, apparatus and weights to help you train every muscle in your body, well almost! To equip your home to this level would cost more than most of us are willing to spend. You need to save some money for your protein. Build muscle and it'll be worth every penny.


1. Cost – Obviously you will not have to pay to work out at home, or will you? You've still got to buy the equipment you're going to need and you'll need to reserve some space which may not go down well with your significant other! However you will not be paying to get the gym and you'll need to get some decent protein. Build muscle – spend money!

2. Social – Working out at home means you will not have to queue for a machine or sit in someone else wet patch. It also means you will not feel intimidated and embarrassed. However it does mean there is no chance of making any friends. Working out at home can be lonely.

3. Equipment – As I mentioned earlier, you will have to buy all of the equipment and apparatus you need. Also you may not be able to afford the 'Life Fitness' treadmills that they have at the gym. The ones they sell in Argos probably will not be as nice.

To summarize then, go to a gym if you love the social side of working out, the wide range of equipment and the motivation it gives you.

If you do not like sharing a machine with an 18 stone, red, sweaty bloke and do not need much motivation you may be able to work out at home. Just remember it can be a lonely business.

Next time we'll take a look at some of the equipment involved including supplements like protein. Build muscle and feel great!