"Superfluous" and "Impractical" – Adult Diapers?

Many youth, teens & adults suffer from urinary incontinence and/or bowel incontinence. These issues require very specialized incontinence products that remove the moisture from the skin & prevent serious secondary incontinence issues (rashes, odor, bacterial & yeast infections, etc). Disposable diapers allow the user or caregiver to quickly change & dispose of the used product quickly & easily.

Why not just use sanitary pads/napkins for incontinence? Sanitary napkins are made with materials that absorb slowly. Not to mention – they don’t hold much – and they leak. Disposable adult diapers & adult briefs, on the other hand are constructed in layers with the use of super absorbent polymers. This allows the urine in the diaper to be transferred and distributed to the absorbent core where it’s locked in. There are 3 distinct layers in an adult diaper.

  • A breathable composite prevents wetness & soil transfer to clothing and furniture.
  • An inner layer of super absorbent polymers & cellulose pulp locks in liquids.
  • A nonwoven material with a distribution layer closest to the skin, transfers liquids to the absorbent layer – which keeps your skin dry.

In the nutshell, this means that everything meant to stay inside, stays inside and doesn’t leak outside – and keeps you or your patient – nice and dry. However, not all adult diapers & adult briefs are created equal. When you buy hospital grade incontinence products (you cannot get these at your local retail, big box or grocery stores), many of them have resealable tapes & elastisized leg bands to prevent leaks. The resealable tabs allow yourself or your caregiver to check the diaper for changing. If changing isn’t required, the tabs can be resealed, thereby saving the needs of unnecessary changes and costs.

Many of these hospital grade adult diapers lines now commonly include wetness indicators. Wetness indicators are when a chemical included in the fabric of the diaper changes color in the presence of moisture to alert the care giver or user that the diaper is wet. The benefits of adult diapers far outweigh any inconvenience that they may cause. It is true that an adult diaper will never feel like your own underwear. However many of today’s products are comfortable to wear for long periods when they are dry.

Adult diapers bring flexibility and mobility to the lives of many people suffering from incontinence problems.