Superb Hair Growth Remedies

It happens – it really does, many people start losing their hair at some point, and are in need of hair  growth  remedies. If things are really bad, they might find they’re going completely bald! For most people, this is a big blow to their confidence, because who wants to go on a date with a comb-over? No one!

Don’t worry too much, as there are some superb hair  growth  remedies you can rely on. Hair  growth  remedies have been around for thousands of years, and that’s saying a lot, though you’d sure be surprised to find that some of the best hair  growth  remedies aren’t things such as Minoxidil, but all natural products!

Let’s talk about Rogaine here for a minute. Sure it does work for some people; that much is true. You should be aware of the fact that many people have complained of side effects while using Minoxidil (the main active ingredient in Rogaine), one of the main ones being a dry, itchy scalp. Sure it may work for some men and women, and that’s all well and good, but when you’re out in public and scratching away at your scalp, scattering dandruff everywhere, I’m sure you’ll be the dancing by yourself.

Now we can come to the good stuff, the all natural hair  growth  remedies, which won’t leave you with that itchy filling that is so uncomfortable. Take Biotin for instance – taken as a supplement it helps promote natural hair  growth  because it is a natural vitamin!

Or you could try natural oils to stave baldness away, which is always a good thing…unless you like that sort of look. Try Flaxseed oil, it will make sure that your scalp does not dry out, which encourages all natural hair  growth ; it might even make the hair that comes in thicker! Coconut oil, which has a beautiful and alluring aroma, will help you attain that thick head of hair the ladies or the guys love.

And the most used oil to help further  new   growth  is one of my favorite cooking oils, Olive oil! Yes, a household ingredient could replace your need for Rogaine; who would have ever though of that? And perhaps you should try Jojoba oil, which helps replace dry skin, which in turn may lead to a fuller head of hair!

Don’t go through life bald, or balding, especially when you can help it with these all-natural remedies, which have been in use for so long, and don’t induce unwarranted scalp dryness and itch, which can actually be counter-productive to the restoration of your hair.

No, you should opt for the hair  growth  remedies that work safely, the ones nature can provide.

By Harry Donovan